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Welcome to Harvest 365, our weekly blog from Global University!  We want this blog serve as a communication vehicle where ministers can exchange ideas and experiences about life and ministry.

We believe that all of us are called to serve in the Kingdom. Whether you are a full-time minister, a bi-vocational minister or a lay leader, this blog is for you. The Bible tells us about the harvest (Matthew 9:37-38) and the need for more workers.  

At Global University, our calling is to equip workers for the harvest at home and around the world. Since we equip workers like you, we want to recognize your ministry.

Any day of the year can bring an opportunity to minister to someone. For instance, as a shepherd of a congregation you provide encouragement to parents, when they have a sick child in the hospital. My wife and I shared an experience such as this, when our new born daughter underwent a major surgery a few years ago. Let me share with you how great it was to have the company of our pastor during the surgery. For him, it didn’t matter that it was very late at night on a weekday. He probably had a long day, yet he came to the hospital. I don’t recall what he said, but I remember that he prayed for us and that he was there for our family. We just want to honor what you do in ministry any given day 365 days of the year.


Life can be challenging. Maybe this is an understatement, but we know it to be true. As Christians, we can find hope knowing that God has a perfect plan for our lives. Romans 8:28 shows us how God works everything for good. However, when we are feeling down as a result of financial issues, sickness or any other challenge that we might be facing, we need encouragement from our peers. I believe God uses godly people to lift us up. You can be such a blessing to others with a simple yet timely comment.  After all, we are called not to be silent. Acts 18:9.


By visiting our blog, you can expect postings with a wide array of topics that are relevant to life and ministry.  Whether it is finances, immigration in America, health, church management, stewardship, missions and other topics, we want to start a conversation…a dialog about Christian living and life in ministry. We want this blog to become a true resource for pastors, ministers and workers.

We need your help! For this blog to be effective as a communication tool to share experiences, you ought to be a key part of the process.  So please post your edifying comments and share your experiences with us and others.  Join the conversation at Harvest 365, post comments or submit an article for consideration. I am sure you will be a blessing to others as others can be a blessing to you. Let’s chat.

 Roberto Ponce is Director of Communications at Global University.  He can be reached at rponce@globaluniversity.edu.  For more information about Global University go to http://think.globaluniversity.edu



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