Are You Standing at a Crossroad?

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By Dr. Mary Logan

Sitting on my patio around noon on my day off from work, I was praying about some decisions and concerns. Struggling about which road to take, I asked God to show me. After praying, I walked inside the house, and a song from the Martins immediately began to play on my CD player:

Are you standing at a crossroad wondering which road you should take? And you’re dreading the decision and a possible mistake

I began to cry. I don’t ever remember God answering a prayer for me that quickly. Not wanting to take the wrong road and make a possible mistake, I was reassured through the remainder of the first verse:

But the will of God won’t lead you where the grace of God can’t keep you.  You will never be out of His care. Remember that the Lord’s already there.

Once again I felt the confidence of God’s love and care. As the Martins sang the chorus of the song, I was reminded that “He already knows what lies ahead and what’s behind.”

Wherever you are

Wherever you’re going

God is right there beside you

Seeing and knowing.

Wherever you go

He already knows

What lies ahead and what’s behind.

You’ll always find He’s never too far

From wherever you are.

The first part of verse two mentions a “still, small voice”:

You are waiting

To hear thunder

And see lightning in the sky.

Oh, but God can

 Work His wonders

Through a still, small voice inside.

Later in the day, I meditated on the passage in 1 Kings 19:11–18 where God told Elijah to “go out, and stand on the mountain before the Lord.” On this occasion, God was not in the wind that tore the mountains or the earthquake or the fire. Instead, God was in the still, small voice.

Elijah listened to that still small voice, wrapped his face in his mantle, and went out and stood in the entrance of the cave. The implication to me was the importance of not only recognizing God’s voice but also truly listening to that still, small voice. The end of verse two of the Martins’ song speaks of such listening:

So keep listening and learning

And continue on the journey,

Following the One who is the way,

Oh, He’s the only road You need to take.

Several years ago as I was going through some very difficult times and seeking God’s direction and guidance, my pastor encouraged me to write down what God was teaching me. Now, this day, I felt the same urge to write down what I was learning.

Life is a journey. Each day should be one of listening and learning on this journey. Jesus spoke of himself in John 14:6, saying, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” Knowing Jesus is the way assures me I am on the right road. With that assurance, surely I can trust Him with the details of the journey.

Mary Logan, Ed.D., is a Course Development Specialist and Professor of Business and Education at Global University. For information about Global University, visit

Song used in this article: “Wherever You Are.” CCLI Song No. 1968954.
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