The Last Days

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By Dr. Gary Seevers

Periodically the topic of the last days arises, although not as frequently as in the past. When asked about my eschatological position, I have a typical response that surprises most people. To quiet any concerns, I am committed to a premillennial, pretribulation return of Christ. However, personally, I believe this position misses the essential nature of missions, the missiological role of Global University, and really the love of God for people who inhabit the earth.

You see, I truly believe as people we are living in the last days, but the question of when Jesus will return to call His church home in the Rapture is really not that important. The lack of importance relates to a practical understanding of the concept of last days. As you are reading this, there are people, perhaps some living near you, who will not wake up to see tomorrow morning’s sun; they will have already entered eternity. Today is their “last day.” For them it doesn’t matter if Jesus will return next week or 100 years from now. It is irrelevant to them. Instead, the question to be focused on is, “Has that person who is entering eternity today had an opportunity to hear the gospel message that Jesus died on the cross to forgive his or her sin and grant new life through faith?” In other words, have they heard that Jesus saves in this their last day? If not, we as believers have a far more urgent task to complete, because today is someone’s last day!

Can I suggest that the basis of this perspective emanates from John 3:16, arguably the most famous passage in the Bible—God’s love for those who still need to learn of His demonstration of His love in the giving of His Son, Jesus to our generation.

Now, that brings a choice on the part of believers. Are we going to occupy our time trying to determine exactly when Jesus will return (which Scripture indicates no one knows), or are we going to choose to be part of fulfilling the unfinished task of seeing the good news that Jesus saves presented to every person on the earth before his or her last day? I trust as you read this you too will make the decision to be personally involved in seeing people won to Jesus in these last days.

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  • Mary Logan says:

    Thanks for reminding us not only of Christ’s return but of the need to continually spread the good news. Truly, today will be someone’s last day!

  • Bob Durham says:

    Yes, absolutely yes, as Christ believers our focus should be on reaching the lost. That should come as a result of “His love shed abroad in our hearts”.

    There is , however, an urgency in our delivery of the message when we EXPECT the eminent return of Jesus for the church. It seems like I remember back in the late sixties hearing Christ’s return preached a lot more and correspondingly more were being saved. Then there is the comfort and complacency that has taken over the church and our messages don’t have that urgency any more.