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 by Dr. Mary Logan

Most of our thoughts on February 14, at least those of us who live in the Western world, turn to cupids, hearts, and love letters. In fact, Valentine’s Day is the second largest card-sending holiday of the year.

Do you remember the excitement as a child of exchanging valentines with your friends each year? Then as a teenager, you may have had a special friend with whom you exchanged not only valentines but even love letters. Or perhaps the communication was between family members. You may still have a few of those mementos tucked away in a drawer somewhere as a keepsake.

As I thought about this upcoming holiday, I especially remembered a love letter I received when I was six years old. It was from my Father, and it changed my life forever. I could tell from the beginning of the letter that the words came straight from His heart as He expressed His love for me.

You see, He knew me. He had been there when I was conceived. He was thinking of me all the time I was in my mother’s womb. I was literally made in His image. I was His offspring. He told me He chose me and I was not a mistake. The reason He lavished His love on me was because I was His child.

He made a promise to provide for my needs and said He would never stop doing good for me. He even said I was His treasured possession. In talking about my future, He gave me hope and said He had great plans for me. He said nothing could separate me from His love.

In His letter, my Father also talked to me about my older brother and said He loved me even as He loved my brother. My Father loved me so much He demonstrated His love by giving up everything, including my older brother. Such a demonstration by my Father was done so I could experience His love for me.

Even though I didn’t fully understand all the details of this letter at age six, I accepted my Father’s word. As a result, I experienced a new kind of love. Within a short time after receiving this love letter, I discovered I was not the only one to whom my Father had sent the letter. He had also sent it to my adopted brothers and sisters, expressing the same sentiment.

Because our entire family has experienced such hope, peace, and love by receiving these love letters, I asked my Father to send a letter to you too. He indicated He had already sent the letter to you but had not received a reply yet. Would you please reply to this letter soon? I am anxious to meet you and have you as part of our family.

Just in case the letter gets lost in the mail, you can find a copy of it in a famous book called The Holy Bible. As soon as my Father receives your acceptance letter, He will welcome you into our growing family, and you too will experience this new agape love.

Never again will your Valentine’s Day be the same!

The inspiration for this blog came after listening to a six-minute message from the following Web site:

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