Easter Essence

Mar 26 2012 Published by under Uncategorized

by Carolyn Hittenberger

On bleeding feet He trudges the path ordained for Him

His life alone untainted by the deadly curse of sin


Son of God and Son of Man, the Perfect Sacrifice

 The Lamb of God advances to pay the vile price


Behind Him, sins of centuries – covered, lay in wait

Before Him, sins of those to come, in suspended state


Murder, treason, lies, infanticide, and greed

Rebellion, incest, hatred, every evil thought and deed.


Putrid guilt from all the ages, in concentrated might

Jesus’ holiness recoils—His love walks toward the fight


Nearer He comes to Calvary, the culmination place

Where sin and death, all Eden’s curse, meet God’s sufficient grace


With breaking heart He faces the plan that had begun

Before the earth had seen first light, or stars and planets hung.


His dying throat sounds one last cry, as sin inflicts its spell

“IT IS FINISHED!” He proclaims… Chaos breaks loose in Hell!


For there at gate stands LIFE, not death-God in holy fury!

 Conqueror over sin and death, and still the Lord of Glory!

Carolyn Hittenberger is Assistant for the Caribbean Regional Office at Global University and also works with University Communications. For more information about Global University, visit http://think.globaluniversity.edu.


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