God is Faithful

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by Edith Kaiser

Every morning in our prayer time together, my husband Otto prays that “we would have the greatest impact on the largest number of people for God’s kingdom and glory.” He has prayed for years that the Lord would be pleased to use us to touch the world for His glory. Let me share how God answered that prayer.

Over 20 years ago we were ministering in the dry, dusty desert of West Texas and came to Springfield for a Home Missions conference. The tall green trees and beautiful gardens were so delightful as we drove around that I said  to the Lord, “You know, Lord, this reminds me of my home (England). I wouldn’t mind living here, but the chances are zero!” It seemed as though the Lord replied, “Don’t be so sure about that!”

During the conference we were challenged with using ICI discipleship materials and encouraged to take a tour of ICI in Irving, Texas. My spirit quickened within me, and I persuaded Otto to go for a tour. Again I felt a quickening of my spirit as we went around, but Otto said, “I would never fit in there. I can’t use a computer.” That ought to have stopped my praying, but I just felt in my spirit that ICI was where we should be and kept praying that the Lord would open the door. We even asked our director at US Missions if we could change our ministry to ICI. The answer was a firm “No!” Only foreign missionaries could serve with ICI. But I still felt compelled to keep praying for the Lord to lead and direct us.

A few years later, Dr. Gary Seevers, who was at ICI, came to minister at the church we were pastoring in Van Horn, Texas. I asked him if there was a need for graders at ICI. He replied there was a desperate need, but there were certain academic qualifications we would need. At that moment Otto came into the room, and I asked him to share our degrees. When Dr. Gary heard our academic qualifications and that we felt God had called us to ICI, he said he would send us applications as he was in charge of the adjunct faculty.

However, he said, “I have to warn you that something happened this week that has shaken everyone at ICI. Brother Trask came and said he was going to join ICI with Berean. He and the missions department have decided to buy the old Red Cross building in Springfield and move ICI to Springfield.” As he said that, the Lord said in my heart, “Well, didn’t I tell you?” So laughingly I replied to Dr. Gary, “That would not worry me at all. We just want to be in God’s perfect will.”  But it confirmed to me that ICI/Global was where God wanted us to be and He could overrule all things.

We joined ICI during the transition to Global University and have been with Global now for 13 years. What a blessing it has been to be part of God’s move amongst the nations in these last days! We have been enabled to teach Global courses in Kenya, Africa. A year ago in November and December, I was also privileged to teach in the Mongolian Bible College. We have been a part of the historic beginning of two projects in two senstive countries, including Northern Asia. Last year the prison ministry saw over 700 prisoners accept the Lord.  Now they have 3,600 prisoners enrolled in our School for Evangelism and Discipleship (SED).

When God puts something on your heart to pray for, He will answer. Sometimes it takes a few years, but God is faithful.

 Edith Kaiser serves as a faculty member in the Undergraduate School of Bible and Theology at Global University. Learn more about Global by visiting globaluniversity.edu


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  • Vicki J. says:

    Edith, I again read your blog for the second time this morning. What encouragement it gives me. I have been praying for something that God put in my heart for so many years now. At times, I feel disinheartened because I don’t see things happening as quickly as I want them to. Then I read your blog and I have hope. You are always such an encouragement to me. Thank you!

  • Lubuto Lembela says:

    It is very true that God is faithful Edith. Keep on with your good fight our Gold medals will never fade

  • Dr. Mary Logan says:

    Edith, thanks for your blog. Praise the Lord that God planted the seed in your heart to come to Global University. Otto and you are such an inspiration and blessing. God is faithful!