The heavenly language!

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by Roberto Ponce


While, jokingly, people say that Spanish is the heavenly language, there is not joking around when it comes to our intentional efforts—at Global University— to reach out to Spanish speaking students in the US and around the world.  

In a previous blog, I wrote about how the Hispanic population has exploded in America. According to the 2010 U.S. Census, there are nearly 50 million Hispanics in our country.  One out of six people in America is of Hispanic descent. Global University is aware of this unprecedented growth and is gearing up to provide enhanced training for A/G Hispanic leaders. Thus, the entire Berean School of the Bible curriculum of 27 courses is now available in Logos’ Spanish electronic library. Logos is a great partner to Global.

The Berean School of the Bible Spanish curriculum is available in digital format at each credentialing level: Certified Minister, Licensed Minister and Ordained Minister.  If you are a Spanish speaking student with Global, you can now receive ministerial training at your fingertips!

You will benefit from Berean School of  the  Bible digital curriculum through this tool because it, quickly,  provides help for your studies.

Tony Segar, Director of Logos Bible Software Español, explains that Logos’ Spanish digital library has navigational tools to easily access each chapter, unit and lesson for each Berean course. “By placing the curser above any Bible reference, you can read the Bible passage from your favorite Bible translation. You also get immediate test results with direct links to the section of each lesson that has the correct answer,” said Segar.   

For over 25 years Berean School of the Bible has trained A/G Hispanic pastors with a dedicated Spanish curriculum. This program is written and adapted by highly educated and Spirit-filled scholars and provides the education requirements for A/G credentials.  To learn more visit, call a bilingual student rep at 1-800-443-1083 or visit Colección Digital Berea, from Logos Bible Software.

While, Spanish may not be the heavenly language, now there is a “heavenly” tool to study the Bible in Spanish. Oh, I almost forgot…you can get it now for a 50% discount during these two weeks.

Roberto Ponce is Director of University Communications and Media at Global University. Learn more by visiting




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  • Janet Wolff says:

    What a great opportunity! Thanks, Roberto! Love the tongue-in-cheek grabber! I pray we have many take advantage of this opportunity – we need so many to help win the lost!

  • Dr. Mary Logan says:

    Thank you, Roberto, for this information! Praise God for the digital tools!