Christmas Aglow

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By Carolyn Hittenberger

 A few years ago after a bitter cold night,

just before daybreak we looked with awe from our front door

at the transformation that had taken place overnight.

Branches hung low with a double dip of winter-

first ice and then snow.

Howling winds blew drifts to blanket our porch

and mound up soft pillows of snow on the railings.

Swirling snowflakes continued to fall from the still dark sky.

 Our attention was drawn by the newest addition

to our holiday decorations,

a three piece, lighted nativity set for the front yard.

The plastic Mary and Joseph appeared half-frozen,

and their lights had gone out.

The Babe in the Manger

was completely concealed beneath the snow.

However, where it lay hidden,

just in front of Mary and Joseph…

A Light Set the Snow Aglow.

 The wintry blast was less cold and the night less dark because,

The light from the Babe in the Manger

refused to stop glowing.

 Into the howling realities of our world,

into the darkest nights of our lives,

The Light of the World Still Shines.

 I have come as a Light into the world,

that whoever believes in Me

should not abide in darkness.  John 12:46

 Though some would rule this Light out of our schools,

erase the influence of this Light from public places,

even outlaw the display of symbols of this Light,

He has come to stay!  

 And the Light shines in the darkness,

and the darkness did not overcome it.   John 1:5

Carolyn Hittenberger is Assistant for the Caribbean Regional Office at Global University and also works with University Communications. For more information about Global University, visit

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