Is Healing for Today?

Jun 17 2013 Published by under Life, Ministry

By Ramona Edgman


You bet it is!  God’s promises are the same today as they were when Lazarus was raised from the dead.  Why don’t we expect it?


I can personally tell you that when I was diagnosed with cancer in October 2011 I had hoped for healing, but deep inside I didn’t expect this healing to occur until a friend told me I needed to change my attitude.  Thankfully this interaction happened early on. The cancer I had was rare and besides the double surgery I was going to have, there was no treatment.  It was slow growing but eventually it would almost assuredly take my life.


The Bible tells us by His stripes we are healed – I could either believe it or ignore it.  The Bible doesn’t say we might be or could be…it says we are!


Thank God I changed my attitude.  I started believing  in and truly expecting my healing.  In June 2012, as we met with our U.S. Missions and Chaplains representatives in Tulsa, OK at our Celebration Conference, our Executive Director, Zollie Smith, asked me to pray over communion.  As I prayed over the cup I spoke His promise – by His stripes we are healed – and was immediately prompted to say ‘by His stripes I am healed.’  I knew it was true.


God reminded me again as I took communion in August 2012 before traveling to Mayo Clinic to be examined further.  He told me I would get my answers at Mayo.


There, the cancer specialist told me that, inexplicably, they did not see any evidence of cancer.  She said they had reviewed all of my previous tests that clearly indicated a cancer diagnosis, but now they didn’t see any cancer at all.  Of course my heart was leaping for joy but my small mind desired more proof.


God answered that plea for additional evidence of my healing.  As the specialists ran further testing, they decided to do a biopsy of an area that was supposed to be cancer filled.  The results? It was benign.  Even in the small things, God answered my prayers.


God actually prepared me for this journey at the start of 2011.  I began to let go of bitterness that I had held on to for some time, and drew closer to Him.  I felt that something big was going to happen and that I needed to make some changes in my life.  I realized that what matters most in life is God and our relationship with Him.


What I learned from this incredible journey is that God didn’t just desire to heal me from cancer, He wanted to deliver me from the bitterness in my past and  the feeling that I was unworthy of God’s work in my life.


So I truly believe that yes, healing is real, healing is for today, and healing is for YOU!


Ramona Edgman is the Administrator of the Assemblies of God U.S. Missions division. To learn more about Assemblies of God U.S. Missions, please visit

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  • Janet says:

    He is our Healer (Jehovah Rapha). This is an inspiring testimony. Bless you Ramona

  • Thank you, Ramona, for sharing your personal testimony of healing and reminding us that healing is for us today!


  • philipp says:

    What a beautiful story. Not only the healing God provided, but the journey of inner healing you experienced deepening your faith. Thanks for sharing.