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By Rev. Doug Clay


DClay-300x300Good Monday Morning . . .


I have heard it said that true friendship is when you walk into a friend’s house and your WI-FI connects automatically.


C.S. Lewis said friendship is born at that moment: “What! You too? I thought I was the only one.”


I can’t imagine going through life without a few good friends.  Too often when we walk through some difficult seasons it is easy to withdraw into isolation; or fall into a pit of condemnation; or reach for some short-term medication . . . but to have a few good friends, who can “refresh your heart,” now that is priceless:


A friend who refreshes is one who offers tears, not just answers.


A friend who refreshes gives godly counsel, not just quick-fix formulas.


A refreshing friend is one who will keep reminding you of the bigness of God and His ability to see you through no matter how unfair everything is for you.


A friend seeks to be genuinely interested in your wellbeing and will empathize, instead of comparing his plightful situation to yours.


Paul said of Timothy “He genuinely cares about your wellbeing.” [Phil 2:20], and he said of Philemon, “Your kindness refreshed the hearts of the people.” [Phil 1:7].


Take some time today to thank the Lord for the friends that He has placed in your life.


Strive to have friends for life. To find a real friend in a lifetime is a good fortune; to keep him is a blessing!


Make a great day!




Rev. Doug Clay serves as the General Treasurer for the Assemblies of God. He can be reached at

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