Giving Thanks for Mozambique

Nov 11 2014 Published by under Church, Evangelism, Ministry

GU_presidentThis month’s posts will focus on what it means to be thankful. Our second post is written by Dr. Gary Seevers, President of Global University.

Dr. Gary Seevers, President of Global University, recently had the opportunity to travel to Maputo, Mozambique in October. Below, he recounts his experiences of that trip and the incredible results.

“I first came to Mozambique 12 years ago in 2002. Keith Heermann (Executive Vice President) and I had made several trips to Mozambique. During those trips we met with several leaders and ministers, including Pastor Luis Manuel Jeronimo. He pastors Igreja Evangelica Assembleia De Deus Alfa & Omega, possibly the largest A/G church in Mozambique. Soon after those meetings took place, we unfortunately had to put the GU National Office in mothballs.

This 2014 trip was scheduled to hopefully begin the process of re-opening that National Office. At the request of the AGWM Area Director Lance Hines, we were hopeful that we could reconnect with the ministers of Mozambique.

We arrived and God immediately began to move. An unexpected breakfast meeting was scheduled with Pastor Luis, missionary Todd Stamps, and myself. During this meeting I learned that Pastor Luis, who has visited Global University three times, had begun using our Christian Life (CL) curriculum as the start of a seamless training program with the young people in his church!

The approach Pastor Luis followed was to “require” the youth of his church to study Global’s CL courses beginning at age 12. This December, there will be a graduation of 86 teenagers who have completed all 18 CL courses. Currently, there are 356 more teenagers moving through the CL curriculum. He testified that the students are growing and developing spiritually, some more so than the adults in his church! The parents of many of these teens indicate that studying the CL courses has positively impacted their children’s regular studies in school and their academic performance has improved overall. The students are more committed to Christ, the church, their families, and better prepared for adult life because of Global’s CL courses. Isn’t God good?

Despite the incredible impact these courses are already having on his church, Pastor Luis’ primary question was this: “How do we take the next step in the seamless approach to the Christian Service (CS) program and eventually to the BA program?” What an amazing future partnership opportunity!

Todd Stamps, the missionary who also joined us in that meeting, shared his heart with us as well. We hadn’t had the opportunity to work with Todd previous to this meeting and we were glad to meet him. Todd is the son of Don and Linda Stamps (missionaries to Brazil), the author of the study notes for the Fire Bible, and a gifted translator. He shared how the Holy Spirit has placed a burden on his heart to be involved in the training of pastors. His desire is to try and learn about the “need” of the church and see how Global could fit into or fulfill that need. This is an incredible introduction that the Lord arranged for us at the perfect time!

I was also able to introduce the Portuguese courses and Portuguese site to Luis and two other missionaries. All have indicated this is a strategic tool in advancing their various efforts not only in their particular churches, but in the entire nation.

Before this trip, Keith and I were terribly saddened by the closing of the National Office in Mozambique. Frankly, I thought progress there had come to a full stop. Unbeknownst to me, God was still taking the seeds we helped plant over a decade ago and growing them into a model that is about to go nation-wide through Pastor Luis’s ministry! Not only that, God is now opening doors so the people of Mozambique can continue teaching their young people with CL curriculum in their local churches. We are so thankful for God’s continual blessings. He is so much bigger than we could ever understand or comprehend. He is so good!”

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