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“A Lighthouse… In a Sea of Islam,” Armenia Bible College Opens

Oct 13 2014 Published by under Church, Evangelism, Missions, News

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By Levi Costello

Armenia Bible College, a school of Global University, officially launched on October 11, 2014 with 75 Armenian students in 2 locations within the Eurasian country. This training initiative uses Global’s accredited Bachelor of Arts courses that have been translated into Armenian.

“Armenian leaders… are simply looking for the fuel of quality biblical training to allow their light to shine even brighter,” said Dr. Gary Seevers, President of Global University. “Their dedication to send missionaries to these nations is strategic to God’s plan of winning our generation to Jesus. They see themselves as a lighthouse for Christ in a sea of Islam.”

There are currently no other Bible schools in Armenia, despite the fact that the country is the oldest “Christian” nation in the world, making this endeavor a historical one.

Enough of the program has been translated into Armenian that students are enrolling and have begun their studies. Classes will take place in existing Armenian churches and the courses will be delivered on hand-held electronic tablets. Armenia Bible College hopes to train 250 Armenian missionaries by 2020.

To learn more about Armenia Bible College, please contact Nicole Vicari, Executive Director of Advancement, at or call 800.443.1083 ext. 2636.

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Blog Release: Berean School of the Bible publishes Curriculum on e-Pubs.

Jan 04 2013 Published by under News

You can take the school with you anywhere .

SPRINGFIELD, Missouri- Global University, a fully accredited distance education university of the Assemblies of God, has launched its Berean School of the Bible courses in additional electronic versions in English.

According to Wade Pettenger, Vice President for Information Technology for Global, the university now has Berean School of the Bible courses in multiple digital formats, including the Logos Digital Library System, Kindle and e-Pub format.

“This new e-Pub format allows you to study a Berean course on virtually any device, including smart phones and tablets. This includes both  iOS and Android devices, which all support the software for reading these courses. Depending on the type of software used, you can use bookmarks, navigate the table of contents, highlight sections of content, access Bible passages, correct self-diagnostic quizzes, and make personal notes,” said Pettenger.

Enrolled students can access the new e-Pub courses on GlobalUniversity’s mobile website at

According to Vice Provost Randy Hedlun, all but three courses out of the 27 Ministerial courses are available in these electronic formats. Dr. Hedlun mentions that publishing these electronic courses is yet another effort to continue providing accessibility to Global University students.

About Global University

Global University is a fully accredited non-profit ChristianUniversity, in the Pentecostal tradition, based out of Springfield, Missouri. As a worldwide online and distance education pioneer, the university integrates education and service through a network in 150 countries, including the United States. Four schools comprise Global University: School for Evangelism and Discipleship, BereanSchool of the Bible, Undergraduate School of Bible and Theology, and Graduate School of Theology. The vision of Global University is to impact eternity by reaching the lost and training the found, everywhere. For more information, about GlobalUniversity, please visit or call 1-800-443-1083 option 4.

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